KnCMiner builds datacentre to mine bitcoins

Bitcoin will for sure get more and more centralized. In a near future most of the mining will be made of a few specialized companies.

We are only in the beginning of cryptocurrencies and this is already happening, see
“To make sure that everyone who has paid for their Neptune gets their we are building a data centre like no other”

Love BTC and all, but it’s future is lookin a bit shady.

This is going very much in the wrong direction. Instead of strengthening the network, those few mega datacentres are going to weaken the entire Bitcoin network as more and more people will rely on them. Just imagine when 2 or more are taken out in the future (e.g. by terrorists, governments or just mother nature), that would be disastrous for the network and even if it doesn’t happen those mega networks will quickly turn around when they have something close to a monopoly and find other means of charging the users (e.g. only process transactions with a minimum fee) and behave like large corporations or governments.

My prediction: Bitcoin’s long-term survival will depend on its ability to change (the protocol) in the next year or so.