JustaBitofTime Progress Blog - External

December 8, 2013

Taking a few weeks off to handle contract work.

Dec 25, 2013

Miami Bitcoin Conference

  • Video/Digital Camera post made

  • Posted airline receipt

  • Posted hotel receipt

  • Listed all the companies I’ll contact prior to the event

  • Waiting on a reply from the organizers concerning alt coin panels and posting our flyer

  • Sent FuzzyBear my address for business cards


  • Working on attaching volunpeers to specific projects on the long/short goals post

  • Populating articles and interviews link

  • Populating press kit

  • Sunny and I handled another interview recently

Dec 26, 2013

  • Added additional long/short term matches
  • Messaged Fuzzybear concerning some reorganization

Dec 27, 2013

  • Touched base with Sunny
  • Finished notifying the remaining volunpeers about specific tasks
  • Updating volunpeer list and sending notification
  • Updating send list for conference
  • Requested Fuzzy send an all forum PM to get additional participation on goal list
  • Emailed Aurowallet (Litecoin Payment Processor in development) about adding Peercoin
  • Emailed DiamondCircle to add Peercoin to ATM
  • Heard back from a payment processor… progress

January 4 , 2014

  • Been in bed with the flu all week – nice to be somewhat functional again
  • Sent a follow-up letter to ZipZap
  • Started collecting email information for all the different companies/speakers represented at the Miami Bitcoin Conference
  • Noticed from one of our forum members that Kraken’s stance on adding additional alts seems to be softening - great job community
  • Sent out a successful activist campaign around CampBX
  • Heard back from Bittilicious, sent follow-up questions

January 5 , 2014

  • Major volunpeer recruitment drive
  • Submitted Github issue for press links

January 6 , 2014

  • Follow-up email to Bittylicious
  • Emails to new volunpeers
  • Catching up on email
  • Emailed India exchange to add Peercoin

January 9 , 2014

  • Preparing for Miami Bitcoin Conference
  • Sent addition Peers to Bitty for testing purposes
  • Sent Sunny a follow-up email concerning 0.4

January 10 , 2014

  • Designed and ordered 3 jumbo Peercoin pins for the Miami Bitcoin Conference
  • Sent emails to new volunpeers
  • Spoke to the CEO of GoCoin
  • Sent a follow-up to ZipZap
  • Sent a follow-up to BIPS

January 13 , 2014

  • Setting up meeting with poker site to add PPC
  • Emailed new sub $1000 ATM to include PPC
  • Following up on an email I received this weekend from ZipZap
  • Sent another follow-up to BIPS
  • Posted an opportunity for our London Peercoiners to attend a free event hosted by Circle
  • Emailed Sunny concerning decentralized checkpoints

Nice, any thoughts of contacting a crypto online sportsbook in addition to the poker site any time soon?

Yes, in the works!

January 15 , 2014

  • Followed up with Bitty
  • Sent follow-up to poker site
  • Caught up on PMs
  • Emailed Sunny to discuss development progress/future
  • Finished getting the swarm ready that’ll launch tomorrow
  • Emailed the Primecoin guys concerning an opportunity

January 16 , 2014

  • Swarm sent
  • Sent next round of volunpeer recruitment letters

January 20 , 2014

I’m wrapping-up my time as a coordinator here to focus on a new company I’m forming with a few close crypto friends called CoinTropolis. While my time will be cut tremendously, I’ll still be a volunpeer pushing Peercoin! Here’s my major upcoming items:

  • Applications for Bitty
  • Miami Bitcoin Conference
  • Assisting any needed transitions

It’s an exciting time in my life, here’s to all our successes. Cheers!