JustaBitofTime Daily Updates

November 4

b[/b] Most of my focus has been on preparing for the Nov 5th PR push

October 29

b[/b] Emailed Coinfloor exchange to add Peercoin

b[/b] Emailed Coinsetter exchange to add Peercoin

"Hey John,

I appreciate you reaching out. I’m definitely keeping my eye on PPC and like the Proof of Stake concept in general. Right now we’re just focused on launching one product and doing it well (BTCUSD), but I’ll keep this on our radar.

Jaron Lukasiewicz
CEO | Coinsetter"

b[/b] Finished about 80% of my proposal for Stone Soul Foundation to start accepting Peercoin

b[/b] Finishing about 30% of 1st volunpeers video

b[/b] Emailed Nox and Irritant on additional information needed from Bitcoin Conference

b[/b] Started outlining Newsletter which will be posted tomorrow

b[/b] Heard back from Trekcon, hoping to put together a video at the end of the week

b[/b] Tweeted to the CEO of Bitstamp - asked for the opportunity to discuss Peercoin

b[/b] Finished rough draft of the newsletter

b[/b] Emailed Swarm#3 to assist Irritant with upcoming presentation

b[/b] Paid out all the giveaway Peercoins

b[/b] Emailed Coindesk to let them know about Trekcon

b[/b] Finished the “The future of Peercoin - Sunny King” first post. We’ll update that thread once or twice a week to get conversation brewing on Bitcointalk.

b[/b] Emailed CampBX to support Peercoin

October 28

b[/b] The last 5 days have been dedicated to the following massive summary:

I encourage everyone to take a look and find something that catches your attention.

b[/b] Finished the first draft of Peercoinmyths.com. Only missing item #7.


b[/b] Sent a request to one of our forum members to contact a merchant in German

b[/b] Sent additional requests to Bitcoin Conferences

b[/b] Giving away about $45 in free PPC… take a peek in the general board

October 23

b[/b] Created a new swarm (item #1)

b[/b] Posted swarm info on the board as well as sent out emails to all Peercoin activists

October 21/22

b[/b] Added everyone from group 1 peer activist to roles

b[/b] Emailed everyone is groups 2 about the activist surveys

b[/b] Listed all remaining activists that need to be added to the private messageboard

b[/b] All activists are matched against roles, will send an email out later tonight to confirm every is happy with the role. If not, all they need to do is tell me what they want to switch.

b[/b] Worked with Fuzzybear on adding new boards for peercoin activists

b[/b] Emailed Justcoin Exchange to support Peercoin

(Justcoin requested more information about the coin - sent)

b[/b] Received this email back from eGifter:

Hi John,

Thank for the suggestion I will pass this along to the necessary people. We value the feedback from our users very much so keep them coming. :slight_smile:


We will follow-up with a swarm.

b[/b] Emailed Vault of Satoshi Exchange to accept Peercoin.

b[/b] Emailed Cavirtex Exchance to accept Peercoin.

Received a response:

"A customer support staff member has replied to your support request, #762652 with the following response:

Hi John,

Thank you for contacting Virtex.

Our exchange software is capable of handling other digital currencies, however, at the present time we are focused on a Bitcoin/CAD exchange for Canadian traders.

If/when we look at adding other digital currencies in the future, we will certainly consider those that are in demand.

All the best."

b[/b] Posted article ideas in the PR activist thread

** Enjoyed the weekend **

October 18th

b[/b] Posted first draft of the merchant letter in the peer-activist thread

b[/b] Listed 10 questions to send Sunny for interview #2 - waiting for community feedback

b[/b] Found this on the Feathercoin site, PPC accepted at St Johns

b[/b] Posted Bitcointalk posting strategy in the peer-activist thread

b[/b] Emailed Mt.Gox a reminder that the PPC API hasn’t been created yet on their site

"Hello John,

Thank you for contacting us. There are plans to implement other crypto-currencies in the future other than Litecoin. However none of these are currently confirmed. We will post an announcement once this is available. We will have your suggestion forwarded to our management team for further consideration.

Best regards,

Mt.Gox Team
https://www.mtgox.com "

b[/b] Emailed Bitinstant (hopefully they relaunch) and Coinbase to remind them about PPC

b[/b] Emailed BTC-e to find out when PPC/USD is being added

b[/b] Emailed BTCChina to support PPC

October 17th

b[/b] Added 4 new positions to the Peercoin Activist group

b[/b] Organized Sunny’s 66 interview questions

b[/b] Outlined the 12 questions I’m asking tonight with Sunny

b[/b] Posted information about the Bitcoin Conference in London (free) Nov 30th and requested representation.

b[/b] Emailed Pikepay at requests@pikapay.com to support PPC

b[/b] Emailed Bitalo to support PPC

"Hi John,

thanks for your email :slight_smile:

It is our long term plan to implement also many types of altcoins, PPC would be in our first batch together with Litecoin and Feathercoin. However this is not a simple task as many altcoin clients do not support .multi signature wallets.

THerefore, in the future, we would also be contacting people from the community to implement certain features and functionalities into the altcoin clients so that our service would be supported.

Thanks alot"

b[/b] Emailed Seedcoin to support PPC

b[/b] Emailed Bitmit to support PPC

b[/b] Submitted request for a feedback system

b[/b] Posted information about a Bitcoin Meetup in Montreal on October 19th

b[/b] Emailed CryptoStreet to support PPC on their exchange

b[/b] Posted the Sunny King Community Interview #1

October 16th

b[/b] Received a reply back from LocalBitcoins.com to add PPC (right now it’s strictly Bitcoin)


Thank you for the suggestion, we will consider adding this option in future.


LocalBitcoins.com Support
Twitter https://twitter.com/LocalBitcoins - Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LocalBitcoinsCom

b [/b]Great news for PPC/XPM — http://www.trekconspringfield.co…on.php – Both currencies will be supported. :slight_smile: I’m working with the organizer on the logistics and then we can start on the press release and kick it to Sunny.

b [/b]Received a reply from Travis from CoinMKT. Travis is a standup guy and someone I look forward to working with in the future. I presented him with the merchant integration challenge with companies such as BIPS:

"This is very cool, we’re working on our API that will be ready in a couple of weeks, and this will be possible.

And it’s great that you guys are thinking about the merchant services / marketing piece - the coin that ‘wins’ is the coin that consumers know about, understand, remember, and use, so that importance can’t be stressed enough.

So if there aren’t any merchant services out there for your coin, make one! However I can help we will, our API is coming very soon."

b[/b] Reviewed all the questions submitted for Sunny’s interview tomorrow. If we don’t get to your question, we’ll schedule another time to meet with Sunny to get those addressed.

b[/b] Initial emails sent to everyone that submitted a survey.

b[/b] Posted PR List in the private forum.

October 15th

Update "Hello John,

We are working with an exchange on a similar system, I’ll let them know
BIPS is looking for something like that as well and maybe that will spur
them to do it faster. On our end it would let people accept any coin we do
but receive payment in Bitcoin or Litecoin.

Exchanges have the volume to implement a system like that most efficiently
which is why we brought it to one of the major players.


  • Emailed CoinMKT, Crypto-Trade, Cryptsy and CoinX about supporting the BIPS idea


"I don’t see our advantage in this story, while this is really risky
business considering the volume to buy ppc or XPM not sufficient right now
IMO, and PPC or XPM have a great amount of big bagholders…

Thanks for the offer anyway.

Regards, Neotrix"

  • Emailed CoinX to support PPC

** Keep banging down doors, small wins are always around the corner **

Good job! Keep going. The community needs someone like you.

Great work. Where is your PPC donate address?

Hidden. :slight_smile: I rather have any donations go to a general slush fund for giveaways and contests to attract new people! It’s on my list of things to do…

Everything is up to date as of Oct 17th.

Oct 18th - We continue to knock down doors!

Up to date.

Oct 28 updated

Tonight’s plan:

  1. Start the newsletter
  2. Work on the volunpeers video (general public)
  3. Work on the volunpeers video (existing volunpeers)
  4. Start the “Peercoin’s Future According to Sunny King” series based on his interview answers
  5. Finish #7 on the peercoinmyths

October 29 - Updated

Quite a few new items added today.