Just getting started

I am probably droping 1k on peer coin tomorrow or tues and was wondering a few things if anyone can help.I plan on buying 1 bitcon and then using it to buy peercoin.
1.Can i just simply just buy and put in my on line wallet and sell or buy when i want?
2.Do i have to mine or do anything else with my coins.I’ll prob be going through vault of stashoi.
3.how safe is an on line wallet and what measures should be taken to make it more secure.
4.Is there anything else i should know about .

I like to keep things as simple as possible.Understanding this is not an easy task for me,nor will i ever really understand it.
The efforts i see on this forum and the people that support it is what made me choose peercoin.I hope i can learn more and start buying and trading on a reg basis.

Ty all Rob

I don’t have any answers to your questions, but I think you should have bought xpm yesterday.
Up over 40% today and set to climb… :wink:

I did some investing with BTC and I could have made much more if i sold/bought at right time. Be careful dropping money you cant afford to loose. If you have that 1k to play with for shits and giggles then go for it. Crypto currencies in my oppinion are valued mainly on speculation. Im in it for the maths.