Just came across some nxt propaganda that needs fixing

Last time I checked my impression was that most new blocks are POS but most new coins are POW, because POW blocks is like 100 times bigger than POS blocks on average. Security comes from block rates. Economy comes from new coins. We get the best of both worlds as it seems?

lol at Colored Coins too! Astonishing ignorance.[/quote]

NXT can do whatever they want. But why do they attack Peercoin? Does Peercoin owe them anything?[/quote]
I mean CC is protocol above BTC-like p2p payment networks, they’ve stolen CC name for marketing purposes(I’m ok with that, it isn’t my project, but still misleading), the truth is completely opposite to that disinfographic, CC will work with Peercoin not with NXT.
Why to attack Peercoin? Market share, and that’s fine unless you’re lying. Next coin, next level of greed.

NXT wasn’t just haveing a go a PPC there was a series of these graphics against several other coins.

However can some grapjic artis or other person fix this up to pu the record right.

I think a good tag line for PeerCoin, is the best of both [worlds], POS+POW. Nxt Coin cannot claim this.