Job opportunity

I saw this tweet and thought maybe there is a peercoin developer interested if they are looking for work.

I need the best C++ programmer on the planet who also knows the Blockchain, and, of course, who is tolerant enough to work with me.

I heard he might make an arrangement possible to keep developing Peercoin part time, sounds like a win win :slight_smile:

@Sunny King @sigmike @glv @Ben @mhps @Cybnate @sandakersmann @FuzzyBear @CoinGame @Chronos @kac- @mably @Thireus @thehuntergames @TheSeven @backpacker69 @learnmore @hrobeers

probably missing some, and who knows if this will work out, just thought it might be a good idea and so Iā€™m mentioning it here

Iā€™m surprised you left me out.
Am I not active enough?
Or you only listed the inactive devs that might be looking for a job?

sorry hrobeers, i didnt think you would be interested because you already have a job? well, maybe you are interested anyway, added you now :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up, but I currently have a job :slight_smile:
Edit: I also hardly know any C++ ;D

yes I guess most talented developers are already occupied with work, so this is a bit futile attempt for pushing peercoin

sorry if i stepped on any toes for not mentioning people, i thought it was worth a try tho