Jingle to go with logo

Hi - I’ve been speaking with MeBeingAwesome who suggested I might come up with a jingle that would go with the Peercoin logo whenever you see it in a video or something like that. Like the intel sound it’s supposed to become synonymous with the Peercoin brand. Anyway I’ve uploaded a few with some variations to http://www.mydevices.tv/downloads/files.php

I’m planning on making some more tomorrow hopefully so i’ll update this post so you can have another listen.

So anyway the idea is open the link to the files in another tab while keeping a look at the logo below play through the sounds and see what you like :slight_smile:

Nice! My vote is: Jingle 1.mp3

Yeah that’d be my first choice too at the moment.

MeBeingAwesome had also gone for that one and number 3. I probably should have put a poll here :slight_smile: - Let me do a couple more and i’ll maybe repost with a poll.

Right now it’s between 1 and 2 for me. I’d like to hear 1 without the fade in. Also, here are some recognizable jingles…

Duracell: http://youtu.be/Gj_Ap5LmRMs?t=28s

Intel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRLyMjvug1M

T-Mobile: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPB-2RwqH0U

AT&T: http://youtu.be/SU8PDySrKok?t=28s

I’m loving this. Pavlovian conditioning at its finest…and it sounds great too. Jingle 1 is probably my leading contender as cshelswell mentioned.

Just added a few more (sorry the list isn’t sorted) but you now have Jingle 4, jingle 4.1, jingle 5 and I did jingle 1.3 which is number 1 with out the fade in :slight_smile:

see what you think.

Ok, it’s between 1.3 and 2 for me. I might be leaning slightly in favor of 2. It sounds more catchy to me.

awesome well i’ll leave it for some more folks to chip in their opinions and I can either make some more or if everyone agrees on one I’ll get a master copy uploaded so people can use it :slight_smile:

I still like number 1, and I’d add 4 to the mix. In comparison with 2, 4 sounds much “quicker” and “cleaner”. Attributes I think that should be associated with a payment system. Number 1 and 4 also were the ones I found easiest to recite back after 10 minutes away from the computer. Nice job on these!

Yep I quite liked 4. Though I think i’d go with 4.1 the delay just gives it a little more depth, i think.

Saying that - I’d still choose number 1 over number 4 :slight_smile:

I personally don’t like 4. It goes too quick and sounds like there’s barely anything there.

The one we all seem to have in common is 1. The question is, should it have the fade in or not? I think I prefer it without.

Also, this probably isn’t something we need to have figured out right away until we start creating videos that feature our logo at the beginning or end.

Yeah agreed. Once there’s a video I can throw a few different ones in there and see what looks / sounds best.

Totally hear what you’re saying about #4 hence thinking 4.1 was better but as I say (and you) #1’s better anyway so all good.

Let’s wait for a video.