Jeff Berwick-The Dollar Vigilante

Hi All,

I`m a huge Peecoin -and Chronos- fan for at least 2 years now. I follow the forum almost daily and must thank you for your effort you put in the community.

Every day I think for reasons why Peercoin will not work or fall, but I can`t. I think it all has to do with branding, marketing and opportunity(and China:P). So, I follow certain bloggers, channels etc and one of them have my special attention. His name is Jeff Berwick and he is a canadian entrepreneur who has a youtube channel, and in my view he has something to say. This man is a huge fan of Bitcoin and crypto-related stuff and has a large group of followers.

When I imagine an interview with Chronos and Jeff Berwick how Chronos explains Peercoin I think there is a lot of Bitcoins going into Peercoin. When two brilliant men talking about a brillant coin, I will definitely help.

’ I will definitely help’= it will… ::slight_smile: