** Item 1 Live - PR Blitz has Begun

This is Item 1 from the main thread located here:


[OPEN] Item 1: Please make an on-topic comment while also mentioning Peercoin in the articles below. No need to spam, read the article and see how you can relate Peercoin. It’s takes a just a minute to create an account at each publication, thank you for helping!


Article -> “Bitcoin is soaring in price”

Sample Response -> "It’s nice to see the public finally starting to learn about top cryptos such as Bitcoin and Peercoin (PPC)


  1. Make a comment under each article
    A. See the sample above
    B. Not sure what else to include? Talk about Trekcon, talk about our active community, talk about Peercoin being energy efficient…

  2. Keep track of the user accounts you created for each article (makes it easier next time)

Just posted this to Reddit, please upvote:


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ABC News


Business Insider

MTGox Exchange (request support of Peercoin (PPC) on their exchange)

Star Trek Reddit


Live Twitter Mentions of Peercoin (please tweet where mentioned)

Reference -> http://www.peercointalk.org/index.php?topic=815.0