It is strongly recommended that the team focus on the development of PPC itself instead of developing more relevant projects

It is strongly recommended that the team focus on the development of PPC itself instead of developing more relevant projects.

Because team strength is weak now, if we disperse our strength to develop other projects, our main chain will be lagged behind.

PPC is the first mechanism to use POW+POS and has advantages in many ways. If we give up these advantages and let these advantages disappear, it is difficult for PPC to win the attention of the market again. At present, we should focus on the development of the PPC backbone so that PPC can continue to maintain the advantage of the POS currency so that it can truly become a leader, not a market follower.

Once we succeed in the main chain, I believe other related projects will develop. Because of the success of the main chain, many people will join our community to contribute more to the community.

I don’t believe we can succeed on the main chain without having supporting projects to utilize this chain. I agree we need to continue improving the functionality and stability of the chain and trying to be innovative about that.

Providing supporting clients other than just the standard C++ client is instrumental for the world to be able to utilise the PPC chain. Let’s make this as easy as possible and provide standard libraries and attractive and teasing examples to utilise the APIs of the PPC blockchain and show its abilities. Use that also in a marketing plan (one objective) and start selling the advantages of using the chain.

At present, we have only a few developers, to maintain the current main chain and do a good job marketing is very good, to maintain our advantages, this is very successful. Related projects need more personnel to do better. Otherwise, the team will be very hard to work, it is difficult to have a good effect, a main chain project does not work well, there is no need to solve the problem through other projects, this is a logical problem.

Related projects should be done by other stakeholders, rather than to the main chain development team. I believe this development will be better than the current situation.

If the main chain is of no value, then the project related to the main chain will not be valuable too.

I agree that we are at risk of spreading our resources too thin. Better do 2 things well than 5 things mediocre.
We need more focus and determine what is really important and has the highest priority to work on. Those successes resulting from the renewed focus would be easy to market. This would increase the chances to attract others to join the ecosystem.

We all want to be part of a successful team, not that mediocre team after all.

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The promotion of the value of the main chain means that we can get more community resources, and also mean our true success. To bring better products and services to the community, we will gain more market respect.

In the long run, the market is fair and just. We will provide good products and services for the society, and the society will return it.

I believe Peercoin is already successful in its prime directive, which is to persist. This is the PoW/PoS and all the stuff under the hood that makes Peercoin run. It has been working fine, and continues to work fine. What the Peercoin ecosystem could really use more of in my opinion is chain usage. The thing is, many other chains are not using their block space efficiently and/or their chain growth is not entirely organic. Peercoin is the efficient crypto, by virtue of its philosophy it restricts usage to real organic growth. To accomplish this type of growth, we need functionality that draws users. Most of the projects these days are driven toward additional functionality for the chain. There are still some core updates to accomplish to catch up to Bitcoin and those are being worked on for sure, but the skill required for that task is specialized, so people find other projects to work on that are more aligned with their skill set. All efforts are welcome from all sides.