Issues importing Paper Wallet to Software wallet

Hi all,
I created a paper wallet at as a play around thing. I added 2 peercoin to paper wallet and encrypted the wallet with a 38 BIP encrypt Passphrase.
Then i generated an encrypted private key via wallet details. (I gave in my private k from the paper wallet then below the 38 BIP encrypted Passphrase.) No issues here
Then i went to my other host where i have the software wallet installed. I added in the encrypted private key via console importprivkey then private key

I receive the following error : Wallet is unlocked for minting only. (Code -102)
I already unlocked the wallet
Software wallet i m using : Peerunity Wallet.

Thanks in advance for feedback

Unlocking for minting and unlocking the whole wallet are two different things.
Use this:
walletpassphrase abc 9999 false

Where abc is your password.

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Thank you very much Nagalim. That worked.
The 2 coin have returned.
Can i conclude that there is no more value on the paper wallet or can it still be used

That paper wallet contains a private key to that address. I would suggest destroying the paper wallet, fire or shredding.

Did you know you only need the address to check it’s balance?
No need to import the private key.

If the paper wallet is BIP38, no need to destroy it.

Is there a link where i can check the balance with my public key?
Or can i check it via my peerunity software

Search for your address.

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Thank you very much

I checked the value and saw that there s a new Public Key generated after i sent out some coin to another Public adress. The new Public Key now has the value of my old wallet minus the amount i sent out.
The amount is sent out is this visable onder a different public key
I assume this is normal

yes, the amount you sent to another address is made out of your original input, I assume you sent a different amount than what was in your wallet address, you can only use complete inputs to send coins, the change that is left over will be returned to you, in another address.
So say you want to send B coins, and you use an address wich has enough funds, it will use the inputs of that address until it has enough to meet the amount you want to send, than the transaction happens and the amount you sent out gets sent out, and the left over coins, change, will be returned to you to a new address/change address.

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