Is This the Reason of The Sudden Pump on Nxtcoin?

2 articles from cointelegraph and the departure from PoW to PoS:

Peercoin and NuShares are rising as well, not as much though (for lack of advertising I guess)

Their supernet is an interesting development which they worked on for a while. Especially the collaboration with other coins is an interesting development.
The market likes things like these when advertised.

BTW there is a Nubits marketing plan and there is enough to share so I’m not too worried about that.
Not too sure with Peercoin as that is always a lot slower with new developments, hope we can still catch the train when they come through.
2015 will be the year of shining widely or being directed to a small niche market. I would also advocate to work with other coins with similar principles to strengthen the community.