Is this the proper board to discuss Nu/B&C/Augeas at peercointalk?

Just wondering.

Yes mhps. We had removed the Peershares board along with lots of other project specific boards and merged them all into project development in order to increase the focus on one board instead of many. However Project Development is more for 3rd party projects outside of the core protocol that are tied to Peercoin itself. Since Peershares are separate networks, the altcoin board would probably be the best place to talk about it. Feel free to do so. Any Nu/B&C/Augeas user is welcome to post here.

So the development of nu/bc/augeas should go into project development and other things thereof should be here? That is a bit confusing.

No, let me try to be more clear. There are 3 main sections on this forum. The 1st is dedicated to Peercoin Discussion. This includes things like Protocol Development, which is only for discussion about Peercoin’s core protocol and its development. The Project Development board is dedicated to 3rd party projects outside of the core protocol, but still tied to Peercoin.

For example, PeerAssets is not built into Peercoin’s protocol, but the PeerAssets themselves will exist on Peercoin’s blockchain. Other projects like Peerunity, PeerKeeper, other wallets or block explorer projects belong there as well, because each of those projects are tied to the Peercoin blockchain itself.

Peershares DACs on the other hand are completely separate networks from Peercoin, so threads about them should not go in any of the Peercoin boards in the 1st section. The only thing they have in common is Peercoin dividends, but that connection is not strong enough.

The 2nd section is titled Other Boards and includes boards like off-topic, Primecoin and altcoins. The altcoins board is the most appropriate board for all Peershares discussion, because that board covers networks that are separate from Peercoin like Nu, B&C, Augeas, Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc…

The 3rd section is simply the boards for different languages. If Nu or another Peershare was actually built on top of Peercoin using something like PeerAssets, then it would make sense to allow discussion on it in the Peercoin section, but since they exist on networks outside of the Peercoin blockchain, discussion on those networks are more appropriate on the altcoins board. Does that make sense?