Is there something wrong with my wallet or it is normal?

Was testing sending some PPC to another wallet of mine. I recalled sending 1 ppc (total 1.01 ppc due to 0.01 transaction fee). My wallet showed -1.01 as well.

A few days later, which is now, I was exploring ppc blockchain viewer and I found more than 1.01 was sent !! ( and the remaining amount went to another unknown address!

I looked at the balance of my address in blockchain viewer and noticed it is different from what I see on my wallet !

Am I missing something?

my wallet version is 0.3.0 (the version shown in the About is v0.3.0ppc-beta).

Is this normal at all??

Completely normal.

Read this thread:

If you check that “weird address”, you’ll soon find out that the originating wallet created it, as a change address, and it actually belongs to you when you run the “validateaddress” command. (See that thread for full info)

Yes this is normal, transactions inputs are just previous outputs of a previous transaction. Luckily for this transaction, the protocol only needed one previous transaction output to satisfy the amount you wanted to send(input), which was 1.0ppc + 0.01ppc fee. :slight_smile:


Ah yes thank you so much … phew!

Looks like this question was asked and answered many times already!

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