Is there any company that is developing a project on top of peercoin?


please i am new on peercoin, so be nice.

Ok, so it is now a year i am slowly been interested into blockchain technoloy in general and my thinking is it seems to have the same impulse like internet or the P2P was: there is a bubble that, at some point, might blow but the tech will stay, i mean the blockchain techno will stay, but many coins / tokens will disapear.
that said, during this time people can win as investors, miner etc …

My point is, the ones that will stay on the long term may be the ones that solves specific use cases.
I am new to peercoin, just downloaded the wallet, discovering it is a mix of POW / POS …
i get some of the pro of the coin.
but when i compare it to for example etherium that have found many B2C / B2B project for the smart contrat, Ripple that solve specific use case, golem etc…
I do not see what is the use case solved by peercoin that Dash or monero or bitcoin does not solve (it is just a coin, right ?)
The question :
is there any company that are developing a project on based on peercoin ?
if no, except the reward of mining / minting, i do not see how peercoin might survive on the long run against other coins.

I know, i might be wrong, i am just looking for more information from people who know better peercoin, i do not intend to troll.



The beauty of the hybrid chain is that you don’t need to throw power at it to have security and decentralization.

PeerAssetts is the foundation of tokens on the Peercoin chain.
Indicium is making use of that and I hope others will follow.

To my mind, Peercoin’s main product is the time proven chain itself, not the token Peercoin.

Peercoin is made to be drop-in replacement for Bitcoin.
Peercoin was originally designed to solve problems Bitcoin was facing, is facing and will face. Mostly relating to it’s PoW consensus mechanism and it’s inevitable centralization which has lead Bitcoin into many political affairs because interests of it’s users came second to it’s big miners.
Peercoin solves this problem by inventing Proof-of-Stake where owning coins does not just make you a user, it makes you a co-owner of the network as it allows you to issue new blocks. It’s important to state that unlike later Peercoin clones (Peercoin has enormous number of clones) and other PoS blockchains Peercoin retains PoW as a method of distribution of new tokens - allowing for more natural market and fair distribution.

Second, Peercoin was first to launch a blockchain network which does not have fixed number of tokens. This means that there will be no final number of Perecoins that will ever exist. This goes along with just about any school of economics as low inflation (1-3% a year) is considered golden. Also, rather than having transaction fee market Peercoin transaction fees are burned which acts as deflationary force and allows Peercoin to never have artificial block size limit; allowing for “infinite” on-chain scaling limited only by cost of storage and internet bandwidth.

This properties make Peercoin more sustainable in the long run ensuring it’s survival even if chain’s usage is very low and market conditions do not favor it. It’s safe to say - Peercoin will never die.

In it’s essence Peercoin is a damn good blockchain, it’s safe, cheap to maintain and very robust.

Yes, as previously mentioned Indicium. I know at least one more company looking to use Peercoin for exact same features I’ve mentioned above - cheap to operate and use and safe/robust.


Thanks for those informations.