Is there a wallet for OSX?

Does anyone have a different link than Mega? I’ve been trying for the last day and I can’t download from there.

I have just created a new link for a working version:!MFxGCaZA!dSJMdw4Ulay8xe6hlF2HNWzwvwR7cTRz55HU54igC1E

PPC: P8phFo48eTaSSrz346i17uN22xh3vRT6MK

[quote=“libreintrusion, post:22, topic:59”]I have just created a new link for a working version:!MFxGCaZA!dSJMdw4Ulay8xe6hlF2HNWzwvwR7cTRz55HU54igC1E

PPC: P8phFo48eTaSSrz346i17uN22xh3vRT6MK
BTC :1HXLyuDkmBNQyrbHPmEeRpBtLk6VfZHUQs[/quote]

Thanks, I am going to test and use it on my imac

Hopefully there will be a stable OSX Mac version soon.

On another note I’m loading up linux ppcoin-Qt client on parallels but my time sync not working ugh.

If the binary cannot be signed with a trusted developer certificate, can you please sign it with gpg or otherwise so people can verify integrity?
I also recommend posting digests of binaries in something better than md5 :slight_smile:

@Ben you are a mac user… is there an issue with the current Mac build for peercoin?? if so I am looking to set up a mac build environment in the next few weeks so i may be in contact for issues or to publish a stable build for Mac users.


I haven’t run into any issues using Jeff Larkin’s compiled version of PPCoin-Qt or ppcoind. I had planned on compiling the app and daemon from source in the next few days, to see how that goes, so I’ll report back anything that I find when I try that.

please we need osx wallet asap

I can not get the current mac client from this thread to work. I have previously downloaded it on my other mac and it works fine. Not sure what the problem is and have seen others on reddit confused on this issue

Good evening, I am new to this site and am eager to start dabbling with a few peercoins just to try out the system. I can tell from the previous posts that there have been a few issues for Mac users so I guess it’s comforting to know I’m not the only one. I just downloaded the wallet about 15-20 minutes ago and ever since the download it says (on the bottom of my wallet): “WARNING: Checkpoint is too old. Wait for block chain to download, or notify developers of the issue.” It also says that I have 0 active connections and it’s downloaded 0 of 30,583 blocks of transaction history. What should I do to make my wallet work properly? Thank you!

Here is an excellent tutorial for using PPCoin-Qt on Mac OSX:

It is focused on POS minting but the first few steps should get you started with the wallet.

thanks !

I had success using WineBottler which mimics a Windows environment to get a wallet running on my Mac:

I forget exactly what I did to get it working, but it is useable on OS X Mavericks.

wallet for mac os x won’t run. Somebody give me some tips please…

Although I’m no Mac user I might be able (and others will be for sure!) to help, if you provided a bit more information than “…won’t run…”.
Things like:
what mac os version are you running?
what wallet did you try to install?
was the installation successful?
what’s the error message?

I’m currently running the Peercoin wallet on OS X, so I know it works. There are working versions for both the “QT” client (which is the graphic user interface application) and the daemon, ppcoind (which is the “headless” client that you run from the command line).

What problems are you running into? If you are confused about how to install it, or if you’ve run into an error or errors, please let us know and we’ll walk you through it.

At this time, they are running version 0.3, but with input from troubleshooting that members of the community have done, we will be able to compile v0.4 version before the switch over occurs. In fact, I’ll get back to that tonight, and post a new topic for troubleshooting / instructions / download links to keep track of information.

I am running mavericks and downloaded the mega link ppcoinqt-wallet .I installed it but when I try to run the application it does nothing.

You are welcome to try the mirror copy of the .dmg that I maintain in case the Mega one goes down for any reason.

It’s the same file as the one available on Mega, and hasn’t been modified in any way, but it’s one of those things that you’ll have to take my word for, as a member of the community.

I’d like to believe that many here would vouch for me, but I’ll understand if you’re cautious about the offer.

I herd windows wallets are better than mac?

Thank you so much. Says checkpoint is too old .Guess I’ve got to wait and download the block chain