Is solo mining going the way of the dodo?

I’ve been running ~136 nodes, all solo, for a while now and have noticed a massive decrease in found blocks. The short of it being that I’ve not found any blocks in 4 days. Anyone else noticing similar performance? I’m wondering if it is finally time to look into a pool.

I have noticed decreased number of found shares on b(e^5)r’s pool as well. I was thinking of taking my 8 core and 2x 2 core VPS instances to solo, but then I read your post.

Slight typo in my original post, 36 nodes, each quad core. Good news is I finally found a block. The few people I know currently mining XPM have also noticed a sharp decrease in found blocks which correlates with the sudden and sharp spike in Prime Chain Rate on the following site.

I’ll let you know how it pans out over the next week. We may see a decrease in XPM mining activity with the massive fluctuation of many altcoins.

I’m interested in primecoin for 1 day. Straight to the point, does it make any sense if I try to mine solo for XPM with 6 cores (2600 pps) for a few hours per day or is a perfectly useless attempt ? Thanks in advance for any answers.

When I stop mining, if there was no reward during that time, all those hours are lost and when I restart the miner I also start from zero, right ? If it isn’t so, please explain.

Just a quick update regarding my results. Last week yielded me 10 blocks and I’m at 5 for this week. At current price points, this return is still profitable with my setup.