Is it possible to create a offical peerunity torrent

Is it possible to create a official torrent for peerunity so people who live in countries which block cryprocurreny websites (Russia etc.) can download the client and use peercoin??

I can never seem to get these torrent things to work, but could maybe give this magnet link or attached torrent file a try:


but also, if the peerunity folks want to release a torrent i’d help seed it :slight_smile:

8)I live in Russia , and then prohibited the emission of money and official pay any cryptocurrency . Peercoin to yet unknown here , and to prohibit Peerunity there will not be . That’s when the price reaches $ 1000 , then banned . :))

well i guess you could torrent peerunity if theres a big community to seed the file and to kepe the torrent uptodate but if the reasion for this it to get past a internet bloack there are easyer way to do this are there are othere file shareing site and the possabel to get past restrited sites by spoofing your location by vpn services or tor ect

Bump. Maybe the peerunity devs want to reconsider this. Bitcoin has a torrent avaliable for the core client dont see why we cant too.

How about having a recent bootstrap.dat snapshot as well? It’s usually faster to start up a new node by torrenting the bulk of the data and then spinning up to present day :slight_smile:

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it would be great if somebody could create up to date bootstrap for 0.5.4 and 0.6

I would create this torrent myself however i dont know how to. If someone creates a torrent and uploads the .torrent file here i would be happy to seed

heh, suppose I might give it one last shot although I haven’t had much luck with this in the past :crossed_fingers:


bootstrap.dat.torrent (34.1 KB)
peerunity-0.2.2.torrent (22.7 KB)

Thanks. I downloaded the files and it looks like it works. It would be good if this torrent file could be uploaded on the peercoin website.