Is it hard to setup a pool?

I want to see if I can setup my own pool so I can have all of my cloud miners pointing to one central wallet so I can essentially solo mine with multiple machines. Has anyone here ever setup a pool? Is it hard? What all is needed? Should I just stick to I think I might have better success if I can do my own pool, but I’m not sure where to start to do so. Any help is much appreciated.

I would love to hear about this also so I can learn how to do it also.

You should post in the subreddit also, its getting more users than the forum.

What would be the advantage of a personal mini pool compared to a large pool open to the public?

The advantage would be, if you find a block, you then get 10 coins, instead of a small portion.

Thing with running a pool is u need to know what you are doing and be there to fix it should something go wrong if you are a public pool that other people mine on.

Also you have the running costs of a server to pay for in the pool

Then when suddenly you are really popular u have to cater for the DDOS and spam attacks and bot miners that hamper your pool.

It was always the saying if you had to ask how to set something like this up then you should NOT be doing it… but that attitude sucks and is not helpful in sharing knowledge… I am too busy atm but have been tryign 3 times to get a pool up and running so when I do i will break down the process and explain it for all to learn from :slight_smile:


Thank you very much Fuzzy, and I was looking more to do this as a side project for myself to see about pooling all of my miners together to try and find blocks instead of doing it for someone else. That was also before the difficulty jumped to 10, so I’m not sure it would such a good idea anymore. Unless I can pull out a total of like 10k primes together, then it’s kind of pointless. Overall the idea was to find a block maybe every week or two rather then just jump in someone elses pool and hope to make money.