Invest BTC in Win88 Casino's Dice Game- Be The Bank, Investors Keep 95%

SITE UPDATE : WIN88 Casino released 2 additional games to the site - DICE & LOTTERY

** PROMO **
New investors keep 95% of house profits on Win88 Dice. Fee is only taken on closing your position, so your investment money compounds faster (i.e. no weekly fees like the others!)

2,194,000 games played and 218 BTC wagered since our launch.

We currently offer 3 probably fair games:

  1. DICE (with investment option)
  2. LOTTO (instant win lottery game)
  3. RPSLS (Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock)

** Currently we are offering 2,000 Satoshi Faucet **
** All Games Probably Fair **
** Jackpots across all games **
** 16 languages **
** Investment Option - be the house! **


We are the first Bitcoin Casino to allow investments at multiple edges!
** Minimum Investment 0.01BTC ~ $6 **
** Invest from 0.1% (99.9) to 3.5% (96.5) house edge **
** Cashout Investments any time **
** Investment Protections + Dynamic Maximum Bets to Protect Upside **
** Users automatically play the best edge available **
** Move investments between edges with 0% fee **


** World’s First Truly Transparent Lottery **
** Provably Fair **
** All Results Shown **
** Lowest Edges for Instant Win Game **


** Single and Multi-Player Games **
** Only 0.5% Edge in Peer-to-Peer **

We look forward to feedback from you as we continue to improve and also launch new games.

Site should be very fast and we have tested extensively with low bandwidth, high latency connections.
We provide “ping” speed in upper-right corner so you can see how your own connection fares. Play is best when ping is under 800ms.

For help and faq, you can visit support by clicking on the “Help” button or “FAQ” link at bottom of the screen.