Introduction to NuBits video is now live on

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As the title states, we now have our animated introduction video live on! Click the blue “What is NuBits” button by the Nu logo to activate it. It is an approximately three-minute long video that introduces viewers to the basics of the Nu network. The video has a 85-90% focus on NuBits, with a small section on NuShares to illustrate in a simple way how price stability is maintained.

Our video will be an effective tool to show someone the benefits of using NuBits. As such, it will be a significant piece of marketing collateral for the next stage of our marketing plan. Language translations are available in Chinese, Dutch, and English.

The final product is the result of the hard work of a number of creative professionals, including Overkill (Motion Graphics), Nick Standing (Audio Production & Design), Sheila M. Gagne (Narration) and our Nu project team.

For best results, set the YouTube resolution to 1080p, open up full-screen mode, and plug in some headphones.

We hope you enjoy the video.

We are also looking to translate the video into as many languages as possible. If you are interested in translating the video to a language we haven’t yet featured, please send an email to