Introducing CoinsManager

The pamphlet text is a bit too small here, very sorry about that. Please have a look at the full sized version, thank you.

Any contribution to help us support Peercoin and Primecoin will be very appreciated :slight_smile: Check our Github repository and Trello board!

If you wish to make a donation, here is our Peercoin vanity address: PCoinsM3swnTHze9155SwDeWJfn83TqSdX (confer this trelllo post)
We also have a Primecoin address: AWdyRFoEqZiLPvvqwgmm87Y67gC51x9rDp.

Thank you very much for your interest !

Quick update:

[ul][li]The beta version will be released at the end of the month[/li]
[li]Peercoin has been integrated a few days ago[/li][/ul]

The application is quite usable now, and it’s recommended to install and run it locally until the beta release.
We have received 0 PPC so far. Donations and contributions much appreciated!

Feel free to ask any question if the press releases do not answer them all, thank you!

In short: CoinsManager is a free Open-source multi-address multi-currency Portfolio. You add your public address in the app, and it will find out what coin is it related to, what is its coin balance, and how much is it worth in your favorite fiat currency. A lot more features to come in the future, go check the trello board and vote/discuss your favorite ideas (eg a game to learn more about cryptocurrencies?)!

Screencast to show the app in action: