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Hi Peercoin community!

My name is Mike Perkins, you can find me as blackout7 on forums.
It would be a long story to tell why I joined the Peercoin network recently.

I’m quite new to blockchain technology in general and I just discovered how powerful it can be with Bitcoin, then I read how a cryptocurrency like Peercoin can be sustainable compared to Bitcoin.

I didn’t know at first that a cryptocurrency can be green until I read about your project. I think it raise a lot of issues the crypto-world didn’t think about, but we will get at a state where everyone will get involved in raising awareness about environmental issues. It means that Peercoin will stay for quite some times.

If there is something I regret today is that I didn’t know about Peercoin earlier. But…
I’m sure the great things are just in front of us, there were a lot of people involved but I’m sure it can grows really fast regarding how this blockchain has been created.

Some people will say : “Look alt coins are all garbage. Bitcoin will stay”. I would like to respond to those : We’ll see. I also have a good feeling about all of this.



Six years of people saying Peercoin will die. Still proving them wrong every day.


Hi, my name is Harry. Nice list of links to use. Thanks. Hope this forum will be useful. Everyone, wish you to have a nice day today.


Hi, I’m new to peercoin and crypto in general. I really like the idea of peercoin given that it has a slow constant inflation after the mining pool dries up. I really want to see a crypto currency be used as a currency and not an investment tool. Unfortunately there is no place to buy or use it where I am. I’d love to see that change. On that note if anyone wants to exchange dash for peercoin let me know.

PS: any plans on making a mobile client? I think it would help adoption significantly



About dash situation, I guess you could use for quick conversion.

Yes, but I can’t give you a timeframe just yet.

Just joined today, I belong to marketing world. Hunting for a reliable medium to get knowledge about digital currency might turn to invest and earn better ROI. Let’s hope for the best.


Welcome to the Peercoin forum, any questions just fire away. We’ve recently produced three videos, that you may want to watch:

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Welcome aboard!

Welcome johnworld093!

Hello! New here! Also new to Crytpo. Started mining some XMR lately, and planning to set up a couple raspberry pi’s for peercoin nodes and my wallet! :slight_smile:

Would like to get involved in minting as well as some mining through zergpool.


Hi @mikecentola, great to have you on board. Be sure to check out the 3 intro videos a couple posts above you. There are also two more videos on the way about our economics and our mission.

Welcome @mikecentola!

If you want to make some node(s) you can check out this tutorial for StakeBox if you don’t know yet

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Hi everyone,
My name is Daisy Simpson and I’m working as a writer.


Welcome to Peercoin, Daisy. Let us know if you have any questions.

Welcome! :tada:

how would you have written the peercoin whitepaper if you had to rewrite it?

Hi Guys! My name is albert, glad to meet you)) Today is the day when I became a part of The peercoin community! Hope for your support!


Welcome aboard Albert! :grin: