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Hey everyone,
If this is the wrong place let me know. I have been looking over all the peercoin documentation and am trying to recreate peercoin for a university project. I would like to edit the distribution to emit all of the PoW blocks within one month. I know coins like blackcoin and mint coin have done this but I would like to start with peercoins latest source. I want it to be only PoS to secure the network when I show it to my professor.



What do you mean by “all of”? Peercoin’s block reward is related to the PoW difficulty, and as such there is no explicit limit to the total number of coins.


Hello everyone!
I am excited to be here


Hello and welcome!


This is a great thread with resource about Peercoin! Most coins don’t have something like this.

We used the information provided to update our Peercoin coin page, but we came across an issue. We wanted to add the Project List page, but seems to be down.

Is there another url for this?


#305 is down for the moment while we are restructuring the website, docs and and other relevant sub-sites.


Ok, thanks for the quick reply! Please reply to this thread once it’s done. We can update our links after that.


Will do.


@blockspot-io the foundation is located in NL but i dont think you can say peercoin originates from there, i think it is quite international


This is true for basically all coins, but indeed food for thought. Thanks for the feedback. The international and decentralized aspect of Peercoin is something that can be explained in the description, which still has to be written.


Hello! ( ^-^)/

I’m not sure how I found out about Peercoin (Somehow I went from being interested in the “dark net” to subscribing to r/darknetplan to investing in Peercoin? Dunno) but when I read it’s an ecological cryptocurrency I was quickly interested. I believe this concept can actually work as a means of exchange and won’t simply be used for making profit, like too many cryptocurrencies.

I’m currently looking in the minting process and while I think I get how it works, I can’t figure out how to mint with one device (a raspberry pi) while being able to access my wallet from another device (I initially thought I could just copy my wallet but I read this is a bad idea because it can get desynchronized.)

Anyways, I hope this project succeeds! We all have something at “stake” here. sorry, I’ll see myself out


As long as you don’t unlock your wallet for minting on the other device, it shouldnt be an issue. If you try to mint in two places at once people will ban your node.


I see. Thank you!


Hello how are all? I am new in here.


Hi, Rafia
Pleased to meet you. Are you new to Peercoin?




Hello everyone!

It’s a pleasure to meet all of you! :grinning:

I have been using Peercoin ever since I first bought some off BTC-e a couple of months before the Mt.Gox meltdown. I’ve been in the community mostly as a lurker until several months ago I decided to buy a StakeBox and I am now running a node from my home.

Overall, I think the reason I am still here is because I enjoy the sense of community that Peercoin has. Even after all these years, I am glad that there are still people that wish to continue working in the project to make it grow.


Hey, EchoHound
Great to meet you, hope you stick around. Hope you didn’t get burnt by Mt Gox?


Nope. Thankfully, I was able to avoid the whole Mt. Gox ordeal as I never had any coins there.

I did get burned when btc-e was confiscated though. :sob: Thankfully they didn’t run away with all the coins so I was able to get most of my coins back. I just have all my coins on my wallet now and only place any on exchanges if i wish to trade.


Hi Peers,
I’m uzura.
I’m operating with ctypto coin services and add with peercoin.
I want to join peercoin community.
thank you.