Interview with

Hey everyone,

Sorry I’ve been quiet for so long, had quite a bit going on of late!

I received an email the other day from Vanessa at asking to do an interview about Peercoin, as I’ve been out of the community for a few months I’m not really up to date with the latest developments.

Does anyone want to do the interview that’s more up to date than me?

what about Sunny King? :slight_smile:

Would they like to interview Sunny King? If so, is there an email I can reach them at? I can ask Sunny if he’d like to participate. It would of course need to be a private chat format.

I’m sure they’d love to, think they only emailed me as my email address was on the domain registration :slight_smile:

If we have a way to contact Sunny I’ll go back to Vanessa and propose an interview with him. Probably via email for the interview too (they did want to do Skype but I don’t think Sunny would be up for that).

I guess [member=890]Sentinelrv[/member] could answer most of their questions by himself.

[member=79]Sunny King[/member] would only be needed if they want to learn more about the future of Peercoin or eventually go deeper on some technical points.

Nox, are you speaking of here? Do you still own the domain? I thought that Super3 owned it now, as he is the caretaker of the main website.

Can you tell her to contact me at Sentinelrv [at] and that I can possibly set her up with Sunny? Also you’re correct about Skype. He would never do that. Tell her that Sunny is as anonymous as Satoshi is and that he would only ever do an email or text chat interview. He has a chat room on Freenode that he can use for this if necessary.

Yep, the domain is still registered to me but the nameservers are pointing to DigitalOcean (IIRC) where I think Super3 has the site. Happy to transfer it though if there’s someone better to take care of the domain reg.

I’ll reply to her today and copy you in.