Interesting YAC progress

Teasing bits:

i'm working (again) on bringing electrum (with a twist) to yacoin. ... PoS mine directly from a thin electrum client ...

I think our might also be close to achieving this. His latest status reported on separating client and server. Check out is repo here to donate or contribute:

Might be a small step to get it minting. Will give him a nudge.

I didn’t know about electrum-server, thank you mhps

yacoin fork

ltc 1
ltc 2

For PoW coins porting looks trivial

@Cybnate I think the idea is similar between bkchain and electrum at some level but getting minting to work might not be easy.

@kac- You are welcome. I see the whole cryptoworld as a development continuum. I’d like to see more collaboration, intentional or de-facto, between devs of different coins although petty tribalism, one-upmanship, and conflict of financial interest often set them apart.

electrum for YAC released

Super awesome stuff :slight_smile:

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wow i need to try this :slight_smile: