Inspiration for the new website

I like the overall appearance of For I’d want to have some really nice pictures of nature in the rotation.


earth porn is good yes… but food porn is better :stuck_out_tongue: but need to get balance between being relevant and being homely / welcoming etc… though the whole “green” of PPC makes earth porn a good one

“earth porn”

I got a chuckle out of this :smiley:

The current site needs to change immediately. After I fix my pull request, I can get to work on a version of for PPCoin. That should at least be temporarily better while we get something nice together.

Any reason you’d want to copy elacoin’s page? I would think we could find something nicer just among the free ones here:

Any reason you’d want to copy elacoin’s page? I would think we could find something nicer just among the free ones here:[/quote]Because I built that, and own/run the elacoin website. It goes with the green theme of Peercoin, and I can easily modify it in a few hours. Like I said this is a quick fix that we put up now, as we try to figure out building a really nice website.

Here’s another nice one with a “green” but not green theme:

[quote=“Excelsior”]I personally think we need to brainstorm exactly what the new PPC website needs, keep it very simple, write really great, clear copy for the new site and then do another fundraiser like we did for the logo so we can hire a professional web designer with a great eye to make the site sexy and beautiful.

I don’t think the new site will have many pages/sections/functions so it shouldn’t cost too much. Besides, we’ll have figured out exactly how many pages and functions there will be and have written the copy ahead of time. We will figure out everything before we approach a web designer so all they will have to do is put it all together in a very clean and attractive way. We now have a logo so they have that as a design template, especially for colors.

We can scout around for web designers by looking at their portfolios online. Once we have our new site written and the pages/functions planned out, we can approach such designers and get a price quote for their services. Once we have someone we like (both in portfolio and price quote) we can then do a fundraiser to raise the funds.

Like the logo, I think we shouldn’t do it ourselves, but hire a professional. The website is too important for the growth of PPC. We need it to look fantastic, and all copy to be very well written.

The copy we can do ourselves. The web design, is another matter. Visual talent is a little harder to find.

We need people to be attracted and interested in PPC. A smart, professionally designed website will do wonders for us.

What do you guys think?

P.S. I think we should hire Sentinelrv to head this and pay him (in PPC), should he be willing to take this on (after a break from the logo contest!) He proved himself to be very patient, sensible and organized.[/quote]

All good ideas. I’ve just found the best, most educational altcoin website I’ve ever seen. It has five sections devoted to explaining what it’s all about: About, How it works?, Basics, Why use? and FAQ. The explanations are beautiful with graphics, stories and charts.

Check out for some really nice landing page templates . There seems to be enough web talent around here that one of us could just build the page out if we decide to go that route.

I will knock you up an earth porn PPC website this week for free, it will be much better than what you have already, cute animals, tree’s waterfalls all that stuff.

Will let you know when I got it up so you can write the copy for it and give me your change requests. I will host it to. No charge for any of it.

Oh, don’t confuse no charge with it being crap, it won’t be!

Glad to hear this fendlestick. I will look forward to seeing the new site. With Sunny working on the 0.4 release, you on the website and me on Peershare, its pretty apparent a lot of improvements are being made to Peercoin.

If i could throw a 2 cents worth in? It’d be great to see something with out Twitter bootstrap. It’s very generic and very obvious. I know it gets the job done quick but it’s definitely not unique.

I know there are folks already working on this so I don’t think i can be much help but i’ve a portfolio at i might be able to be of some assistance if someone’s looking for help.