IN STOCK * Yiazo YBF Bitfury miner 30 up to 380GH/s *

We are proud to present our YBF Miner, the successor of the proven concept of the (Bitfury) M-Board + H-Board. Design by: by C-scape and Intron. Produced in the Netherlands.

All products are in stock and we ship (international) within 2 working days after payments has been received. Payment in Euro by bank transfer or Bitcoin (processed by BitPay). We are an official registered Dutch company founded April 2014. We believe in good quality for a fair price. We do not take pre-orders, we only sell in stock products.

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The YBF Miner is a great build-it-yourself miner. Choose your own 12V power supply and Fan(s), connect it to your network, set your pools and start miner! No extra computer needed, it has an onboard controller with own mining software.

We know it is not the most powerful miner you get today but it is small, simple, low power, low noise, modular, easy to set up and efficient! Business owners with a VAT number can get prizes without 21% VAT, just contact us before you want to place an order.

[size=14pt]YBF-M Bitfury mining mainboard[/size]

The YBF-M mainboard is a selfcontrolled SHA256* cryptocoin miner that works together with 1 up to a 10 YBF14S-H board(s)**. The YBF-M controls the YBF14S-H board(s) without the need of an extra computer or mining software. The YBF-M has it’s own miningsoftware which is accessible through a simple webinterface. Just connect a (CAT5 or higher) network cable to the RJ45 connector and it will connect through DHPC to your network at a speed of 100Mbps. In the webinterface you can setup up to 4 miningpools and the YBF-M will start hashing right away. Future firmware updates can be uploaded using the webinterface. Power is provided by a 12V powersupply connected to the PCI-E connector(s) or the screw terminal.

The YBF-M is designed and produced in the Netherlands.

We kept our design as simple as possible and tried to get the lowest power usage as possible. The YBF-M board only uses ± 5W when operating. Thanks to the modular design you can start mining with 1 YBF-M + 1 YBF14S-H board and expand to a maximum of 10 YBF14S-H boards.

You will need 1 YBF-M mainboard with at least 1 YBF14S-H board to start mining. The YBF-M will not work/mine on it’s own.

Dimensions board
15.5 cm x 8 cm / 6.1 inch x 3.15 inch

NXP LPC1758 Cortex-M3 Microcontroller

Power connectors
2 PCI-E 6-pin powerconnector (12V)
2 Screw terminal (1x 12V, 1x GND)
2 Molex (wire-to-board) 3-pin male (12V power for Fan)

Communication connectors
10 PCI(36) Express (for YBF14S-H board)
1 RJ45 Ethernet port 100Mbps
1 Molex (wire-to-board) 3-pin male (for RS-232)

LED indicators
12V OK (green)
3V3 OK (green)
Nonce found (red)
Nonce found accepted (green)

Other features
Reset button
4 mounting holes

[size=18pt]Price: 75 euro[/size]

[size=14pt]YBF14S-H Bitfury mining board[/size]

The YBF14S-H is a 14 chip SHA256* cryptocoin mining board. The board has a very simple and effecient design, by placing the 14 chips in a string we do not need many extra electronic parts to control the chips. We use the Bitfury Rev 2 ASIC chip which has a maximum hashpower of 3.85GH/s. The Bitfury (rev 1) has proven in the past it is a reliable, stable and powerful chip that is why we choose it’s successor. This latest Rev 2 version has a power consumption as low as 0.45J/GH so the H-board only consumes around 20W at 12V input. Total hashrate of one single YBF14S-H board is 30 up to 38GH/s at 12V input.

The YBF14S-H can not mine on it’s own, it is controlled by the YBF-M Bitfury minging mainboard. You will need one YBF-M and at least one YBF14S-H to start mining. The YBF-M supports 1 up to 10 YBF14S-H boards.

The YBF14S-H has a unique PCB design so heat emission is very efficient. A heatsink is not necessary but the board does need cooling by an external fan. The fan is controlled by the YBF-M. By choosing your own type of fan you can build a miner a you wish, with extreme cooling (more noise), normaal sufficient cooling (low noise).

[size=18pt]Price: 75 euro[/size]

  • SHA256 crypto coins are: bitcoin (BTC), peercoin (PPC), namecoin (NMC) and many more.
    ** the YBF14S-H contains 14 Bitfury rev.2 chips which do the actual mining.

[size=12pt]Examples of some setups:[/size]

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