Improving minting efficiency

There is an improvement on minting efficiency by yacoin (YAC, which is an offspring of NVC, which is an offspring of Peercoin) at

YAC appears to generate POS blocks faster for a typical owner mainly due to a smaller mumber of ownership, so the wallet is more easily fragmented into many more stakes after stake splitting, than a typical Peercoin wallet. Because every second the wallet will test every valid stake, when you have 250 stakes, like the YAC dev does, the wallet becomes busy.

I haven’t looked into the detail of the fix (three files are changed on github). Does it fix something YAC-specific or something general to all POS wallet including Peercoin wallet? I don’t know. I have 8 unspent outputs in my wallet and the CPU use for minting is undetectable on my laptop. I can see about 10% CPU use between minting and not minting on the same wallet on Peerbox. So if I had 250 stakes there could be a problem with minting with a Peerbox.

Not sure if this is an issue or priority for Peercoin I thought I would leave the observation here.