** IMPORTANT ** BitcoinExpo - London - Nov 30th - Free


Who do we have in the London area that could help represent PPC? I attended the NYC Bitcoin Conference this summer, I can tell you from personal experience, the connections you make is well worth the time.

Will need to see what I am doing round that date…

but an idea… if we can raise £200 I could actually run a vendor stall there, I’d be happy to sell anyone’s items for PPC at the stall or BTC, raise awareness on PPC, link people to the forum, pools, stores etc, could do PPC giveaway etc?.. though guess realistically i’ll be selling silver physical PPC and XPM or sex toys (should draw in a crowd) :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve no beef with that but may get a few funny looks i’m sure :slight_smile:

But yeah are we interested in trying to raise the funds from the community? would give me incentive to try get few things finished off for then etc.

Let me know your thoughts… other than raising funds for the logo design of Peercoin has been somewhat hard to raise funds I have personally found.


not so true I find it more interesting to donate to this than logo

That might also be because I was a brand new member also. Nobody knew if I would take the money and run.

This is coming up soon. Do we have anyone going?

I’ve sent a request for speaker information.