Implementation of on the Peerunity client

Hey guys,

If anyone wants to try and find a way to implement’s api into the peerunity wallet, that would be awesome. Personally, the idea has spurred me to try and understand the peerunity/peercoin code to try and implement it. I’ve tried to get an understanding before, it’s just a daunting task. I know some of you guys already have a good understanding so if you need an idea, here you go. I’m going to be busy for a while trying to get a handle on the code. (If nobody picks it up by the time I feel comfortable, I’ll start working on it.)

My first goal was to make an interface where you can put in the amount of bitcoins you want sent and the bitcoin address for it to be sent to. This would also include some sort of estimator window on how many ppc it would cost. Once you push send, the peercoins would be sent to they would send the resulting bitcoin to the bitcoin address you provided. Also I think it would be best to using shapeshift’s Fixed Amount Transaction API for pricing. Also we need to put some sort of timer on it since you can only get a set price for 10 minutes. Also need to make sure there are safeguards to prevent a user from using it when is down.

The reason I feel this is important is because this can be used to allow Peercoin to have the same market acceptance as Bitcoin, albiet for a small fee.

Some documentation:

Cybnate’s idea that led to my motivation’s APIs

I do have a question though. Does the peerunity wallet even allow for external API usage? It pretty much kills the idea if it doesn’t.

While I like the idea of an exchange integrated wallet, I don’t really think Peerunity is the place to make it. It doesn’t currently have support for anything other than the current blockchain network, so it’s kinda of a daunting task, and outside the scope of the projects charter.

But, I think it would be cool to fork Peerunity, and attempt to make your own exchange integrated wallet.

Would it be easier to wait till Sunny releases the JSON-RPC extension for web wallets, make a web wallet, and work from there? I like the client idea better but I know there must be a few limitations and risks with it.

Just came by this thread. I’m working on a project for my university course that could provide such functionality. I like the idea so I’m going to talk to the team next week and see if we can include the shapeshift api into our design. It’s still way too early for realease though so I wouldn’t hold my breath lol … it’s a university course team project after all so the quality won’t be the best thing but it serves a proof of concept for future development which we will release as an open source project as well. Expect some sort of an alpha base release by February the latest :wink: