Implement Hayek Concurrent Currencies with Peershares

Comments and criticism welcomed!

I think I have to reread to understand the Hayek stuff.

But it seems more like you are trying to reinvent NuBits, this is not a standard Peershares implementation.
Peershares do not have a coin living on it’s blockchain, only shares.
The peershares client has an RPC link to the ppcoin client meaning that it can distribute dividends in peercoin, nothing more than that.

Also I would try to have this implemented on PeerAssets rather than on a separate blockchain.
Controlling protocol forks if you are not Sunny (who knows the protocol code he wrote inside out) is an extra job that you’d rather not care about.

I’ll try to understand the Hayek stuff better and try to give some feedback on that later.

Thanks for your reply, I agree with “Building companies that live on the internet is the killer app of the blockchain technology”.

So if we plan to build a company, the “share” is needed for governance, and a buying power stable “coin” is also needed. Nubits have problems because it disobey Hayek’s rules, and I hope B&C becomes the first Hayek model.