I'm ditching peer4commit. Please read why, I hope you understand

Hi all,

You might have noticed that I removed the peer4commit links from my signature.
Please take the time to read below to understand why I did this.

peer4commit is a very cool way to collect and distribute funds over a team of developers. Unfortunately, it comes at the cost of centralization.
For projects with many devs this cost is covered by the easy of management and the transparency of which payouts cover which part of work.
So I think peer4commit is still legitimate for projects like the reference client & peerunity.

However, my project’s payouts are always paid for work I did myself and therefore the added value of peer4commit is not covering the risks of the centralized system.
The argument of transparency does not apply here, as you all know, all transactions on an address are visible to anyone on the chain. So anyone can inspect the funds still left and the funds that are withdrawn from the address.
Therefore I chose to switch form peer4commit to vanity addresses for my projects as you can see in my signature. I will try to find or develop badges similar to p4c showing the amount of PPC collected.

I hope you all respect this decision and continue supporting my work.

Kind Regards,

BTW: When other people start contributing, I can easily start adding git commit hashes in OP_RETURN outputs to link payouts to git commits.

Tagged my donation addresses using the same address that created the first OP_RETURN transaction on our chain.
So anyone can validate the authenticity of the address (just in case someone likes to do so).
And also just because I can ;D

PKEEPRnAZCyjC48a4SYH4u4YiPnqt1qoud: txnid: 4f93e7897365b7c8baae5701a4e0df6d9ee9bf91b5f5873cacc81eb6206875c1

PARSecHDJ2mLw3q18FExaxZcx6AQsWDzrP: txnid: 024376b4de6773f5ce10bd21962ba2585a0508684f9d74d5abd517ced0163e0d

I think it makes sense for you to use what is most comfortable for you. Everything is still transparent on the blockchain as you said. The donation badges might help make the info more visible at the bottom of your posts though.

Sounds fine to me, you seem like a trustworthy person [member=32827]hrobeers[/member] :slight_smile:

I have the impression that most of the “4commit” sites aren’t active anymore anyway :\