I'm curious where is everyone from? Future Meet-ups

Im from Redcar in North East England. :slight_smile:

Interesting. I am staying Changchun, China at the moment. Hope to make friends with you! :wink: My skype is miner.red

Melbourne Australia here

I’ll be back in Atlanta on a semi-permanent basis in two weeks. I could potentially host an outdoor get together with live music on a few acres in the middle of Buckhead. Someone would need to provide the music, though.

Or, forget the music. Point - I can host a large number of people with parking in a very central location in Atlanta within a park-like private residential setting. It could be a formal or informal event, large or small. Atlanta is an underestimated technology hub…

Super3, I would gladly be of assistance in planning any kind of local Atlanta meetup, forum, campaign, conference, etc. – but also interested in virtual meetings with everyone, of course.

I’m from Texas

Currently chilling in Los Angeles, California 8)

USA Michigan. Go red wings!

English / welsh border here … Mining in them hills

New Zealand in Summer here. Probably a small local meet-up at best. Go All Blacks!

I’m from Córdoba, Argentina, but I was born in southern Germany. So I am kind of a “world citizen” :smiley:

In my city in May the first Bitcoin meetup took place and there are some shops accepting it (two hotels, a organic food store and some freelancers). PPC is nearly unknown.

Exciting that we have users from all over the world! Africa (and Antarctica :D) are the only continents missing until now …


Virginia, USA

I don’t have it all set yet, but hoping to head up a Mid-Atlantic Peercoin convention in a year or two :slight_smile:

Travel between Monterey and San Francisco weekly. Love these warm California winters :o

Hi, I’m from Paderborn, Germany.

Another UK member here. A Londoner to be precise :slight_smile:

I like 501’s reply like a true Texan. The best country on earth.

I am from Texas too, but more specifically from Austin, Texas. Tech hub of Texas :slight_smile:

Hello Miners ! I am from Geneva, Switzerland, but my future mine will be located in Barcelona, Spain. I do travel also to Romania or ex-URSS.


Southern California!

San Francisco weekdays/Monterey Bay/Santa Cruz area weekends.