I'm curious where is everyone from? Future Meet-ups

Nice to meet everyone, I’m currently in Missouri (US). As PPC/XPM grows, meet-ups would be a great way to help push the coin forward.

I’m from Atlanta, GA. We have BitPay, CampBX, and the first Bitcoin ATM down here. I would love to do a meetup as long as its somewhat convenient. Maybe we could test this out with a virtual meetup perhaps? Just one day where we all get in IRC or Google Hangout at once and throw around some ideas.

I’m in Pennsville, New Jersey right now.

Let’s keep it rolling!

Hi Guys, I am from China. Meetup will be a little bit difficult.
But you can always contact me miner.red through skype.

I’m located in the UK so a meetup in the US would be a bit of a mission, but no doubt would be worth it :slight_smile:

Sure there will be UK meetups to, but hence why the forum is on GMT time :smiley:


I’m also in the UK!


Ha ha. We could wait till Primecoin and Peercoin are worth a small fortune. Then traveling would be no problem.

Chilling next to the largest deposit of fresh water on the planet, the Great Lakes of America, Michigan :slight_smile:

I’m from the Pacific Northwest: Gresham, OR.

I’m from the UK near Bristol :slight_smile:

From UK Leicester here :smiley:

Perth, Western Australia. A fair bit out of the way of nearly everyone else. Wouldn’t mind a trip to the US at some stage.


I’d be based in New Zealand :slight_smile:

I would like to invite anyone to Berlin / Germany who plans to travel by.

I am currently living in Bonn Germany but i am from Greece.

czarly i visited Berlin some months ago. Great city :slight_smile:

From Las Vegas, hello.


I am from the south of France.
Not much french people on this forum?

I am from Malaysia. I am new in cryptocurrency. I don’t even have a wallet yet and haven’t even mine a single coin yet. lol. Want to learn, hopefully fast enough to catch up.