I'm a motion graphics artist and am interested in making a video for PPC

I’d like to make an info-graphic video that competes with Bitcoin’s video to explain PPC in the simplest way possible (Explain it like I’m 5). I know we currently have one of those white board videos - which is good but I think we can do better in explaining why PPC’s PoS is better than PoW in under 90 seconds. I’m invested in PPC and would just take donations with whatever people felt was worthy. I would need help with the script writing (someone who can truly explain it to a 5 year old) and then maybe some donations for assets like voice over etc (although not necessary). Who can help me with doing this? Ideas welcome.

Here is some of my work:



We really do need another more professional video to put on the main website. The whiteboard video is ok as a temp video, but it has grammar errors and I feel it could be done in a cleaner more modern style, similar to the video on Bitcoin’s website. I’ll check out your videos tomorrow when I get a chance.

You’ve got serious talent, I’d be excited to see what you could create. Watching your videos was a lot of fun.

We don’t usually pay for development here - I know Sentinelrv, Justabitoftime and I have all spent hundreds of dollars on things like logos, conferences, and other things. Perhaps you could source the talent you need here?

Ok, I finally just went through your videos. Those were awesome and just what we need to compete with this…


Just let us know what you need and we’ll do our best to get it to you.

[quote=“Sentinelrv, post:4, topic:1331”]Ok, I finally just went through your videos. Those were awesome and just what we need to compete with this…


Just let us know what you need and we’ll do our best to get it to you.[/quote]

Agreed, these look great.

We’ve had the Peercoin activist boards opened up to non-volunteers, mainly because I wanted to see more activity for this project. I’m going to spread it around on Reddit and Facebook so we can hopefully get more people in here to help you. MBA, can you put it on Twitter?

Here is another post from Tripper in the video thread from General Discussion that I only now just saw. It talks about how long the video might take to complete…

[quote=“tripper311, post:24, topic:399”]Sorry guys - I didn’t get notifications for this thread. I’m back and down more than ever to create the video. The voice over talent is Scott Netzel in this video I did. - https://vimeo.com/65254793

I would say for this type of video its a 2-3 month project with design, conceptualization and production. But I would say something more like the Bitcoin’s video that’s more of an info-graphic style is what we need and way easier to do. After design, script and storyboard are complete it would take me about 3-4 weeks to create a 90 second video that is similar to Bitcoin’s. I forgot I posted to this thread but here is another post I did with more information http://www.peercointalk.org/index.php?topic=1889.0

The main points to take from this is to try and explain it like I’m 5. The video should explain why PPC’s PoS is better than PoW. My 2 cents but I’m all ears. But when we are ready we should just leave it to 1-2 people to write the script to keep from the group grope. Peace![/quote]

I would love to see this accomplished. What about Sunny King, can he help write the script?

Tweeted, I’ll keep mentioning it. I’m very excited to see something happen with this.

Love the feedback and much appreciated with the kind words. Like I said - If I get the script I will take care of the rest such as design, voice over and concept. I do feel the video should be “Explain It Like I’m 5”. Who can tell a story about Peercoin to a 5 year old? Start with 10-13 bullet points and we can massage the ebb and flow. I’ve been told to put my address in my signature but I want to make sure people understand I’m serious before asking for donations. Once things are concrete is when I’ll take the next step. Much love and lets create a sick video.


Also - I am a good script writer, I’m just not confident in my ability to explain PPC perfectly. So if we get those bullet points I can take a stab at it to see what I come up with.

One thing I’m wondering is if we should include anything about Peercoin being a long-term store of value, rather than a transactional currency, or if that’s going to be too complicated to explain in such a short video. Maybe we should stick with the main points, energy efficiency, higher security, more sustainable, etc… What do you guys think?

My approach for concepting the video would be this. What is Peercoin (like the bitcoin video)? Why was Peercoin created? What’s it do differently? How does it do it? Why is it so special?

What’s the high level view/perspective originally envisioned? To solve Bitcoin’s flaws or soemthing else? How does it help with long term sustainability, energy efficiency, security etc?

The who, what, when, where, why and how needs to be told in a story and the other points will just fall into place (PoS, Security, Energy Efficiency). Very high level. I’m not much help due to my lack of understanding, but is there a Domino effect we could explain? From step 1 as to why Peercoin even exists then branching into everything else like what it provides/solves. This is the approach I envision. Hopefully this made sense - but this is how I think we should explain this video. Much love!

What is Peercoin?

[ul][li]Peercoin is the world’s first “energy efficient” decentralized digital currency[/li]
[li]Peercoins are digital coins you can send through the internet directly from one person to another. [/li]
[li]This is made possible through the net via what is known as a peer to peer network[/li]
[li]Peercoin is the first coin of its kind to offer new and improved innovative features specifically designed for long-term scalability and sustainable energy efficiency[/li]
[li]Let’s look at how it works…[/li]
[li]Peercoins are generated all over the internet through two ways[/li]
[li]The first way Peercoins are generated is called “mining”. Mining works by anybody running a free software on their computer. New coins are created as a reward for using the computer’s ability to solve complex math problems, a process that called hashing. When a computer that is hashing succeeds in solving the problem, Peercoins are generated by the network and given as a reward to the winning computer. The number of coins rewarded is called the Block Reward. As more computers attempt to solve the problem by hashing, the network knows to automatically adjust the difficulty level to make sure that not too many coins are rewarded. This ensures that the money supply is limited. In short, this whole process is part of what is known as “Proof-of-Work” (PoW).[/li]
[li]The second way Peercoins are generated is called “minting”. Minting works automatically by anybody who already owns coins and decides to hold them for some time on the Peercoin network. The amount of coins minted by holders is 1% per year for everyone regardless of how many coins they own, so nobody get’s an unfair advantage. As coins are held the network keeps track of how old they are, called “coin age”. The longer coins are held the more coin age they accumulate and eventually the coins will mint new coins. The great part about this is that this process anybody can do and it doesn’t require extra computer equipment, and uses minimal power. The minting reward is limited to 1% which ensures that the money supply is limited and will not eventually lead to runaway inflation in the long-term due to the effects of compounding interest. This is similar in to In short this whole process is part of what is knows as Proof-of-Stake" (POS). The 1% PoS minting works like an ongoing ever-gradual stock split. As you mint more coins, your value stays the same because everyone else who decides to hold coins received more coins. PoS is a decentralized increase in the money supply based on the amount of coins you own.[/li]
[li]Peercoins sent over the network, are called transactions. With every Peercoin transaction, 0.01 of a Peercoin is taken away and permanently removed from the money supply. This works like a super-mini reverse stock split; this helps to ensure Peercoins stay rare, remain decentralized, and energy efficient.[/li]
[li]Now you have a basic understanding of how Peercoin works. From this point let’s expand upon Peercoin’s most innovative feature: Long-term energy efficient design.[/li]
[li]This is what makes Peercoin energy efficient… As more miners try to mine Peercoins, the block reward decreases, which lowers the number of new coins coming into the money supply. As the value of Peercoin rises, more miners jump in to try to mine some, but when they do this, Peercoin adjusts the block reward lower, thus further reducing new coin generation from the PoW (the energy intensive way of making coins). As the incentive to mine perpetually decreases (the incentive to use more energy naturally declines along with it). Because of this relationship, the larger the market cap of Peercoin gets the more energy efficient the coin will become, in terms of value secured per hash. Eventually, it will be more profitable to only buy Peercoins and “mint” them than to buy energy intensive computer gear to “mine” them.[/li]
[li]As you can see, Peercoin features specifically designed parameters which aim to keep the network decentralized and secure from designed stand the test of time, and become a lasting digital asset.[/li][/ul]

Dude! Nice job…

Few things though…A lot of criticism I see about PPC is that people say that it ISN’T decentralized. So if there is somehow a way to really emphasize that the checkpoints don’t centralize it within the video that would be good. or aren’t the checkpoints eventually coming out anyway?

Also the number of ppc that will ever be created needs to be addressed (even if it is unlimited…it is right? I’ve heard something about 2 billion? idk). That was a big sell for BTC. it needs to at least be addressed in some way.

and in your second to last bullet…i think you should add “more profitable to only buy peercoins and mint them instead of buying and running…”

I was just thinking about it and these were my thoughts:

I’m an NFL fan and though sometimes the sports analysts are idiots I often agree with them when they speak of a team’s ‘identity’. Sometimes I hear them talk about a decent team not working up to its potential because it doesn’t really have its own identity. Is it a throwing team? Running? Defensive?

Peercoin seems to be at that point. What is its identity?

Today in the BTCe trollbox someone was hating on ppc (the name actually) but within his example he used the notion of someone being at a local business and the owner asking for such and such peer coins and how it will never happen. And well, of course not! That’s not what ppc is all about. Thats what BTC will be for

…So then what will ppc actually be used for? Transactions at local stores or pot shops (which will def implement crypto (btc) in the coming years)? No. It is supposed to be more of a store of wealth right?

This video is going to show the world what kind of a ‘team’ that PPC is. And I think as someone asked earlier, that we should indeed address that it isn’t going to be used for daily transactions. And actually I think we should use this to our advantage. Referencing bitcoins in this video would be good imo.
Seomthing like “Within the world of crypto currencies, while bitcoins will be used for those daily transactions, peer coins will be right by it’s side while serving a different function: Backbone or store of wealth or whatever”

I think the video should admit that ppc IS NOT trying to overtake BTC. It is not a clone. It will have a diff function. And while BTC becomes more and more adopted mainstream…ppc will be right there as well as a steady stable store of (crypto) wealth.
Maybe make some analogies with like savings accounts. BTC = debit card. PPC = IRA ?

Idk, just my thoughts. Your guys take?

Ok, just posted to Facebook. Good work everyone on getting the discussion started.

Great input guys! Would love to see the video when it’s done. I would like to help were needed, i’m a graphic design student without experience in info-graphics so i have no idea how this works and what i could do. My main experience is with InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. If i could help, let me know.

For a 30 second video, I recommend each part consume 5 seconds.

Show an animation, and have the voice over to reinforce each visual point.

For example:

  1. What is peercoin? Who invited it, the PPC symbol on exchanges, What the logo looks like (5 seconds)

  2. Why peercoin works “in conjunction with bitcoin, litecoin or any other coin” (5 seconds)

  3. Design explanation: How peercoin’s blockchain remains small and less coins in circulations because of no microtransactions 0.01 CENT transaction fee. (5 seconds)

  4. Design explanation: How peercoin’s proof-of-stake makes it green and how you can earn free coins by holding stake (10 seconds)

  5. Finally, what the future holds for peercoin and why you should buy some now (5 seconds)

Putting just these 5 points into one 30 second video might be too rushed. We have to leave 1/2 second pauses so people can absorb the information too.

Some really ineffective videos have “information overload”, which just confuse the viewer and it does a lousy job of conveying the message. You have to keep it short, to the point. Easy to comprehend, and allow slower thinkers the time to digest it as they watch it.

We should probably break this into two videos, each one 30 seconds. Otherwise you might have to go a 60 second video.


WATCH THIS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVdKgQ0jmH8

I’d rather make a longer 60 second (or 90?) video than break it into 2 parts. You’re going to lose people in the process of making the jump to the second part. It’s better to hit them with what we have while we have their attention. Just don’t overwhelm them with information overload though. As you said, we want people to be able to digest it without confusing them. Confusion/too much information is bad.

Yes, the checkpoints will be coming out eventually, therefore I don’t think it’s important to mention this. I’d rather make a video for the long-term, something that won’t become outdated with old info.

Did see some good content and storyboards here for the video.

However don’t forget to formulate what your trying to achieve?

  • What’s your audience?
  • Which message do you want to leave them?

Given the video is published on the frontpage on the website, I agree with previous poster that it should be focussed on a 5 year old. But what would you want to communicate?

Just a generic cryptocoin introduction? Or do we assume a certain you understanding and do we jump in why it’s better/different from Bitcoin or the others and show off PoS, PoW and being a backbone currency.

Personally I would split it up in:

  • Education, What is it (crypto currency)
  • Selling, What can I do with it/what’s different
    But maybe someone can squeeze that jnto 60 seconds