If you use steemit, we need your help to upvote Peercoin for a mumble radio show

If any of you have a steemit account, please go right away and upvote the comment left by intelliguy here:


It pertains to the radio show I eluded about previously.

If you don’t have a steemit account (but you do have reddit or facebook) you are able to join.

Fuzzy (not FuzzyBear) uses Steemit to promote his radio shows.

I initially contacted him back at June 12th to book the event for Peercoin’s 4th Celebration.

It’s just a matter of figuring out whether we’re first, second, third, or fourth on the show.

With your help by upvoting @intelliguy’s comment we can show support.

The mumble radio show is August 19th at 7am Pacific, 10am Eastern Time. Details to follow.

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