If there is no transaction fees for miner...?

If there is no transaction fees for miner and they’re all just trashed, why should miner include other people’s transactions in blocks? And how is miner reward calculated? Thank you.

I believe the way it works is that people can always voluntarily up the fee above and beyond the .01 fee that gets destroyed - and this amount which is more than the .01 would still go to miners. But actually, there is no real incentive long-term for PoW mining other than for the block reward, currently about 200 coins. The PoW block reward will drop according to difficulty, but will theoretically never drop to 0. There will always be some amount of reward, so PoW won’t stop entirely. However, over time the real motivation is to pull people away from PoW and into just mainly doing PoS. This is the whole point which makes Peercoin energy efficient. Over time the motivation to participate in the PoW decreases, thus saving energy. PoS minters get the 1% per year incentive for their transaction processing. They do not need the transaction fees.