I need help to check if I have PPC in an old wallet (and recover them)


Some time ago I used Peercoin 0.3.0. I don’t recall whether I ever received some peercoins, or whether I moved all of my balance out of the wallet before I stopped using it. Now, when I try to run Peercoin 0.3.0, I get the following error:

A fatal error occured. PPCoin can no longer continue safely and will quit.

EXCEPTION: 22DbRunRecoveryException
DbEnv::open: DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error, run database recovery
ppcoin in Runaway exception

An user in IRC kindly told me that this may be because of a format change in the blockchain. I’m not especially interested in getting that old version to run, but I want to:

[ul][li]Know if I have any non-zero balance in this wallet.[/li]
[li]If I have non-zero peercoins, recover them (be able to spend them).[/li][/ul]

I installed Peerunity, and let it download the blockchain. At some point before it was finished, I closed it and waited for the process to terminate in the terminal, then I replaced the [tt]wallet.dat[/tt] that it automatically generates with the [tt]wallet.dat[/tt] of my former [tt].ppcoin[/tt] directory (which was created with Peercoin 0.3.0, see above), then I started Peerunity again. When it was done downloading the then-current blockchain[sup]1[/sup] it showed a balance of 0 and no transactions. Does that means that the wallet has definitely no balance?. I have the whole [tt].ppcoin[/tt], including the log files that are generated with the default configuration. Is there another way to check whether some transactions were ever made with the addresses corresponding to that old wallet (and if it has some balance, to import the wallet into Peerunity) by looking at the logs or with some different tool (to double-check that it in fact, contains no peercoins)?

Regards and thanks in advance.

[1]: I’m writing “then-current” because I don’t want to imply that it was finished in the full sense of the world, as the blockchain will continue growing as long as Peercoin is active.

if you know the address you can just look at it using some blockexplorer like http://bkchain.org/ppc or http://ppc.blockr.io/

Yup, that was me :).

If you are sure that you address has coins but you can’t see them in ppcoin or peerunity, you can rescan the whole blockchain to search for the transactions associated with your wallet.

You can do that by starting peerunity from a console with the ‘rescan’ option:

peerunity -rescan

Something he forgot to mention, marioxcc doesn’t know his public address.

Thanks everybody for replying.

Yes, that is the problem.