I made crypto forums filter



to make it easier to keep up with cryptocurrency

As of now, there is way less activity on our forum than litecointalk, however most of their discussions are all about mining, here we have more interesting subjects.

not sure if this is working right for peercointalk… i posted thread about writers for devtome and didn’t see it on your site… os does it only show the messages i have not read from my account on each forum?


I’m seeing it on the last 24 hrs tab. Try longer timeframes if you don’t see it.

Since there’s not a lot of activity in peer forum, I set the bot to collect data every about 5 or 10 mins, while it’s more often on bitcoin/litecoin forums.

Nice, thanks for the effort and PPC community are more innovative.

Ah cool, real nice site to bring together the forums Ty :slight_smile:

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