I just bought a Rockminer R-Box

I picked it up on eBay, like new, power adapter etc included, for $40. God, I hope it wasn’t one giant mistake :))
I just couldn’t stay away from the coolness factor of mining my own little coins. According to this calculator the miner is still profitable. Days to break even: 900+ :))
I don’t care. I’m not in it for financial reasons as much as to just do it and I justified the purchase by making sure I am not LOSING money. That’s the only dealbreaker.
I pay $0.08 per kwh and my daily average around this time in north Texas is 20kwh or just around $3.
I started reading into power adapters and picked up a couple hints that hooking the miner up to a computer PSU might make it run safer, more stable and more efficient (consume less power, yield more computational capacity).
Any other mods you guys care to suggest or are aware off the top of your head. I am thinking about taking the heatsinks apart and applying better thermal paste on the chips to improve thermal conductivity (Arctic Silver).


Little late reply but better late than never :slight_smile:

Ok so as someone who has an ASIC (little 60GH butterfly labs SC) I was mining on free electricity thanks to a situation back in the day so running cost was not something I was to worried about however i will say this…

Look at the profitability of bitcoin to peercoin on the exchange rates and see which works out as being more profitable to mine.

It varied a little but in at times it was more efficient to mine bitcoins and then buy peercoin on an exchange than mine btc outright… obviously the more you do this the more you make PPC more profitable to mine so others will switch and then better to mine PPC than buy it.


Since December 29 since the miner went up, I’ve earned 10PPC via the Ecoining mining pool. Mined nonstop at a steady 35 GH/s rate.