I have few question about peercoin. what is staking in crypto? or How does staking work in Proof Of stake?

since Peercoin is pioneer in Proof Of Stake. Can Someone explain me in details?

  1. What is Proof of Stake in crypto?
  2. What are the advantages of staking?
  3. What are some staking risks?
  4. How do I start staking?
  5. How does staking work in Peercoin blockchain?
  6. Best Crypto Staking Platform for Peercoin?
  7. What are Crypto staking rewards in Peercoin proof of stake blockchain?

You can get some more info here: https://docs.peercoin.net

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university.peercoin.net is also a good resource :slight_smile:

Some minting relted articles are also on Peercoin Blog

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