I have a suggestion for the Peershare project

My English is poor,I have to use the native language to tell this proposal。but,Miner is Chinese guy and his English is very good。so,he can translation this post。
假设每个股东分红1000元,折合每个股东1.66个peercoin。为了发放分红我得购买:1666个ppc用于分红。价值一千多万元。你想呀,一千多万元。砸进来。ppc 的价格早就涨了。而且一千多万元不一定能够买得到这么多的ppc
调用ripple为peershare 股东付款。 不使用ppc付款,使用当地的法币付款。无论是1000元一个还是一元一个都可以而且手续费极低和到账极速。

In my opinion encrypt all electronic money are owned by shareholders, employees, operations, non-profit virtual organization.It means Distributed Autonomous Corporation, DAC。
One day ,I have a doufu(Cheap, tasty. Most businessmen in order to reap benefits it has now become a contaminated food) shop in Shaoyang City, Hunan Province, China Qichenanzhan

I use Peershares system issued 1,000 shares. By the end of each stock dividends can be $ 10. How can I do? If each stock dividends 1,000 yuan can. How should I do?
I am a poor man, I am not willing to spend peercoin.

So my advice is: Use the ripple system as legal tender to pay dividends.

If you think this advice useful, please hit me some reward peercoin.
My PPC Address:PVDNbjiiDw2fPSYWarryhGqSLx1aoFnAg5

I’m sure a native Chinese speaker will help translate properly. :slight_smile: For the time being, Google translate says:

In my opinion encrypt all electronic money is a shareholder owning, operating employees, non-profit virtual organization!
Suppose I Shaoyang in China is South Railway Station to open a tofu shop, ppc in 2016, the price of 600 yuan. Pps I issued a total of 1,000 shares. Year-end bonus of 1,000 yuan. So each shareholder dividends or handling fee is not enough to go a half.
Assuming that each shareholder dividends 1,000 yuan, equivalent to 1.66 per shareholder peercoin. I have to buy for dividend payment: 1666 ppc for dividends. Worth more than ten million yuan. Do you want to die, more than ten million yuan. Drop in. ppc price already gone up. And more than ten million yuan may not be able to buy so many ppc
Based on the above two shortcomings, suggested that I give is:
Call the ripple is peershare shareholder payments. Do not use ppc payment method using the local currency payments. Whether one yuan or 1,000 yuan a can and a low fee and arrival speed.

As a holder of PPC, I am happy to see that Peershare project can grow the value of PPC.
Hence I don’t like this idea.


[quote=“Harvey, post:3, topic:1940”]As a holder of PPC, I am happy to see that Peershare project can grow the value of PPC.
Hence I don’t like this idea.


tell me why ?

Of course any business creating a Peershare implementation can use whatever system they like to distribute dividends, including Ripple. However, there are some additional technical complications with using Ripple. Also, Ripple does not offer financial privacy because a single address is reused for all transactions. It is not decentralized to nearly the degree that Peercoin is, making it quite vulnerable to a variety of attacks by centralized institutions.