I have 30 computers to pick from looking for advice

So I have about 30 computers on hand and I don’t have to pay for power, I’m just looking for opinions to maximize my efforts. I have 5 servers: 3 xeon 5330’s and 2 IBM intellistation Z pros (2 processors with one core on each clocked at 3 ghz, can’t remember which processor right now), I also have ten HP DC 5700’s with 3 gig single core processors another 10 DC 5800’s with core 2 duo processors clocked at 2.4 ghz and then 8 or so pentium 4’s clocked anywhere from 2.4 to 3.2 ghz. I am wondering which ones will produce the most primecoins (or peercoins? I don’t know much about peercoins) I’m running windows 7 on most of them but the servers are dual boot with windows server 2008, all 64 bit if possible. I’m wondering if virtual machines are worth trying or just one instance on each computer or which ones are even worth messing with. Also any settings in the miner.bat file that will make things chug along faster that I need to mess with. Any advice on getting all this running efficiently would be greatly appreciated.

Wow i just have a ASUS somthing or other I3 Gee…and i must pay for my Power …its only Got Shitty INtel3000 Hd Grafix card too slipped up there

Ha,yeah nothing worse than onboard graphics. might as well hand you some flash cards and tell you to read real fast.

The best for Primecoin are the 5330s.