I bought in 2013 and forgot

I bought 1k in peercoin in December 2013, then forgot about it. I realized that holy shit, I may have some money… Now I backtracked all my steps, and got into my ppcoin wallet – except obviously it’s a very old version. I am sure that I backed up the wallet back then, but I can’t find any wallet.dat files on the Pc!? The ppcoin app says it’s downloaded to 52%. My balance shows at 0.00 … can anyone guide me?? I also downloaded the new version, but still same result.

Wait until the blockchain fully synchs

Thanks for your response. It fully synced… showing 0.00. What should I do? Thanks in advance.

Do you have the original wallet.dat?

I should have it somewhere on here. Would you have anything on where it commonly is saved? Sorry for the newbie questions, and thanks a bunch for your help.

on linux, datadir is ~/.ppcoin
on windows it is in %appdata%. in Roaming/peerunity or ppcoin
i think.