How to trade bitcoins in india legally?

Hello people,
suggest me some platforms to trade bitcoins and make profits and clear my doubt guys. Is trading btc illegal or legal in india ? Expecting sensible replies for my thread.

No Its not unlawful on peer to peer basis.

The Reserve Bank of India had asked all banks operating India to stop giving services to individuals and also companies that handle bitcoins and various other such online cash.

And also exchanges got no remedy for the Supreme Court. While a bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra consented to listen to the request by the Internet as well as Mobile Association of India on July 20, it said the RBI’s order will certainly be implemented.

However, big exchanges like Bitstamp are still operating in India. Do you think it is safe to work with them?

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Hi john,
Wow nice put up info, seems worth reading your reply. seems accurate to the current era.
Hmm… Bitstamp? I had a personal experience using that marketplace for getting to trading of btc work and its a solid exchange platform to honest. It’s secured as far as I know. it was once hacked on 2018 not through vulnerability from server side or web side. I guess 6 employees of bitstamp was phished on 2018 by some hackers as per coindesk news feed. Yes it’s true but it’s safe and secured now. Talking about my experience well it’s fine I have been using it over a time period till now it’s really good to be frank. no issues but still if you would like to know more about bitstamp I would recommend you to go through this source. For a better understanding of this btc exchange platform from every working perspectives and features it’s an informative clear cut review to be frank. I would recommend you to read it so that you can grasp a better understanding about bitstamp marketplace and it’s trading.
Cheers john.