How to take advantage of Nubits with BTC/USD price?

Shortly - NuBits stays on 1USD.

So when should i buy nubits for BTC and when should i sell for BTC to get in the end more BTCs.

I know many of you wont liek this question but actually answer to it may bring loads of new blood to BTC.

Let me know opinions.

I sold bitcoins at 300$ prices and bought NBT. I sold a decent amount of NBT lately and bought back into BTC at 208$ since I think the bottom is in (152$ per BTC). The advantage lies in the fact that with NBT you are essentially holding USD in your wallet and not in some shady exchange such as Bitstamp that is prone to hacking.

Exactly this…
Before Nubits, when bitcoin price was high I cashed out BTC into USD on BTC-e and was forced to hold on the exchange as not set up to cash out USD. Was a risk as exchange could have run off with $10,000’s but btc price dropped, invested back in BTC and withdraw safe back to wallet etc. Now with Nubits I can cash out to Nubits and hold the coins safe on my computer with no risk to my investment.


Exchanges usually goes bust if history is our guide. The nubits peg could break and the coin die, but at least you get some interest on your parked coins so as to compensate for this risk, while on an exchange you often don’t
There is always risk tied to everything, so look for what compensates the risk. For instance buying 10 year treasuries for low interest rate isn’t smart. Yet many do. People generally don’t understand risk. I do, but don’t care. That’s why I’m going broke betting on cryptos :wink:

risk does good for your health :stuck_out_tongue:
every asset and aspect in life includes risk thus don’t avoid it, embrace it.
at the very least, nbt has a very talended dedicated team working 24/7 , it worths the risk :wink: