[How To] Stakebox (replacement for the Peerbox)

The very first wallet.dat has been exported (years ago) from Peercoin client in Windows and moved to the initial Peerbox in RaspberryPi.
A day ago I backed up the wallet.dat from the Peerbox (v0.6.1) to my Windows via WinSCP.
Then formatted the SD and installed Stakebox from scratch on the RaspberryPi, as suggested a few comments before, finally I moved the wallet.dat on the RaspberryPi again and started synching.

can you remove the current wallet.dat
and start up and let it sync with a newly but empty wallet.dat?
and when synced after a day or so, stop it and copy your backed up wallet to replace the empty one

@thehuntergames I’ll try right now

edit: done and restarted the peercoin client to let it sync, will leave it to update for the night.

I’m thinking that wallet.dat itself could be incompatible.The libdb4.8 vs libdb5.3 thing.
Since it came from the PC originally this may be the case.

The following is how I work with my addresses (not saying everybody should do this): I personally generated them, backed the private keys somewhere safe and imported them one by by one in wallet.dat just to prevent these issues…

After 24h of synching with the disk, the blocks are around 310k/421k, I guess by tomorrow at noon it will eventually be finised :roll_eyes:
Then I’ll figure out the wallet issue :slight_smile:

Does it take that long to sync the PPC blockchain on the raspberry pi ? My desktop client was much faster. I’m gonna try out with Stakebox as well.

Yup, I was surprised too. Didn’t remember it being so slow the first time I set it up withe old client. Will be able to tell you the SD card specs once it will have finished

Raspberry Pi is notorious for slow I/O.
Anyway v0.8 should be like 50x faster in this task.

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Alright, so it finally synched everything.
Imported my private key with “importprivekey”, waited, looks like it has been imported correctly :slight_smile:

1- I have set walletpassphrase with a high number. What else should I do?
2- I just focused on the part of the client where it says “This is a pre-release build”. Can I continue using this or what can I do?
3- If I check the setting “Start Peercoin on system login” and click apply, it then auto-unchecks :thinking:

Thanks for the patience :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s just a problem with a git tag. You can safely ignore it.

Yeah, that is not likely to work on LXDE (UX for Raspberry Pi). They just had a major new release, I’ll see what have they done and try to make this work.

That should be it, happy minting.

I synced on the v0.8 it was ok but not that’s fast (around 2 hours). Bootstrap file would be faster I guess.
I will try v0.8 on raspberry pi zero and see how it goes

I’ll make the .deb packages for it soon, waiting for bugfixes and few more “point releases”.
Provided linux binary on github should work as well, but mind that they use “compatibility” libdb and I’ll use modern one so the wallet.dat won’t be compatible with both.

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Will there be an update ob the stakebox before the hardfork date? Last time I checked there wasn’t any yet.

Yes of course, just waited for the point releases (polish).

I followed the steps on the topped thread to update from v0.7, but was unable to compile.
Are we able to update the Peercoin wallet on the RaspberryPi right now?

I’ll write in this thread when a simple "sudo apt-get update` will do all of it. But not yet.

Anyone care to test out v0.8.3 package on the raspberry:

peercoin-qt_0.8.3-1_armhf.deb (3.9 MB)

I needed this package so when I get some free time I’ll test this on RPI. (I need to setup a PI first)

i just ran sudo apt-get install ./peercoin-qt_0.8.3-1_armhf.deb
reboot and started peercoin
the splashscreen says it’s version v0.8.1.0-unk
so it s not 0.7 anymore…
I’ll report tomorrow or so when it has fully synced