How to stake Nubits? Please guide me ;x

Ive no idea how to do it, do i just put them to the wallet? I have them on exchange now but would like to stake some.

What do you mean by stake? NuBits are not a PoS coin. You cannot mint with them.

Hi Kingscrown, it sounds like you want to mint new NBT with your existing ones.

Although NuBits is a proof-of-stake blockchain, it is the NuShares, not the NuBits, that do the staking and secure the network. For details on the differences between NuShares and NuBits, check the whitepaper at You’ll need NuShares in order to stake on the network.

Hope this helps!

Although it is not a PoS coin, if anyone looks for interest, parking NuBits when interest rate is not zero will generate interest.