How to see dividends?

Seems that NuShare holders are about to receive the first batch of dividends. The question is — will the NuShares wallet display the dividends once they get paid out? There’s no point in exporting the peercoin keys if you have not been paid any significant amount of peercoins. Also, how to predict the amount of dividends one should approximately receive?

I am also curious if dividend payments show up in the client. I’m not sure if they do now, but I’m sure they eventually will in a future release.

As for how much you will receive, again I can’t answer in broad terms but I can answer it in this specific scenario. This link is KTm’s proposal. The first dividend payment is being broken up into $50k and $22k. For the $50k you should receive approximately $0.50 for every 10k NSR you hold, or $5.00 for every 100k. The second part of it would be $0.22 for every 10k / $2.22 every 100k.